On This Mountain Kingdom Coaching

On This Mountain is a biblical coaching program focused on empowering change by helping women transition from their plans to God's plans for their lives and the Kingdom. We will provide you the confidence and guidance as you find and carry out your passion and purpose to reach your spiritual goals.

  • All support will include:

    • Godly counsel and guidance as we take your needs and goals to the Father through prayer and the Holy Spirit.
    • Q&A sessions to create a personalized strategic plan.
    • Accountability check-ins and communications.
    • Teaching and book recommendations.
  • Career Transition Support

    Unsure of how to step out of your comfort zone and transition to a new career? Let's talk! We'll review your resume, current responsibilities, and how you can transfer those skills to your new career path. After the call, your Coach will create a collaborative folder tailored to you with a new resume, alternative job duties to tailor the resume, cover letter, reference list, professional letterheads, business cards, LinkedIn Optimization tips, a list of commonly asked questions and interview tips and videos for the new position.

  • Continuing Education Support

    First time or non-traditional student? Let's chat! We'll discuss your education interests and goals. After the call, your Coach will create a collaborative folder tailored to you with information on scholarships, grants, internships, programs, free resources, etc. If needed, the Coach will also provide ongoing support to assist with completing the FAFSA, educating students on loans, work-study jobs, etc. to help you be successful.

Are you ready to fulfill your God-ordained destiny? If so, let us know that you're about your Father's business. We are ready to help! Get ready to move into action to become and do all that God has pre-willed according to His purpose!

I'm About My Father's Business