Altar Ego will help reveal who God says you are and then call you to live up to it.

Who We Are

Altar Ego exists to advance the Kingdom and its women of all ages by assisting every woman to discover her God-given identity and gifts through His prophetic direction, Word, and prayer. G Code will target the youth, while Women Adorned will target the women. Altar Ego will structure programs within 4 Pillars: Study, Service, Support, and Social to fulfill the purpose of the organization ensuring to target the Wealth (Mind), Health (Body), and Worship/Fellowship (Spirit) of each woman.

We will create programs for women of all ages that models a “Girl’s Circle” and will be designed to foster self-esteem, help maintain an authentic connection with peers and other women in the community, counter trends toward self-doubt, and allow for genuine self-expression through verbal sharing and creative activity. Topics will include a relationship with God, friendship, body image (skin complexion, hair texture, body type, and sexuality), female identity, stereotypes, aggression and dating violence, diversity and cultural heritage, relationships, substance abuse, risky behaviors, navigating depression, emotional stress, trauma, goal setting, self-care, and more. Check out our four pillars below for more information!

The Four Pillars


We must provide women the opportunity to study God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16).

Bible Study, Conferences, and Workshops with biblically sound doctrine to dismantle anything that exalts itself higher than or against God and His Word will be provided to all women of Altar Ego through Kingdom Culture.


We must serve (1 Peter 4:10).

Community outreach services and programs will be offered, such as awareness programs, back to school drives, college fairs, college tours, economic development workshops, plays (Candice Leverette - Playwright and Director), kingdom coaching, youth/adult prevention and diversion, and many more programs will be available.


We must provide safe, biblically sound support (Ecclesiastes 4:10).

Workshops will be created by Altar Ego to assist with identity, self worth and coming into the knowledge of the Living God Yahweh. Support groups will be provided for single mothers, single women (unmarried/divorced/divorced), and all youth girls for grief or mental health support. If workshops are available from local organizations that support the purpose and mission of Altar Ego, the leaders will encourage members to attend and participate.


We must provide a space for women to regularly meet with other believers (Hebrew 10:25).

A virtual social space will be created as a space to worship God, remind others about who He is and who they are.

A Word From The Founder